For the Love of Horses

Courtney and Rainbow

It all began when a pick-up truck pulled into our driveway with a Shetland pony named Rainbow in the back. I was six years old, and my dream about having my own horse started that day. My dad was grinning from ear to ear; I had been bugging him about getting a pony and he bought her for $50, including the saddle. I was beyond excited!

I remember my mother did not look pleased, I found out later he didn’t ask her. We also didn’t have a barn or a pasture and I knew nothing about riding. With help from family and friends, we quickly put up a fence; and a barn soon followed.

My dad had faith that I would learn how to ride, and luckily, my mom insisted on a helmet. Rainbow was far from an easy ride. She would decide she was done and just lay down. Sometimes she would trot as fast as she could and put her head down and come to a halt and I would slide down her neck and hit the ground. There were many bumps and bruises but I learned how to ride a horse and Rainbow started it all. Almost thirty years later, I have my own horse stable and riding business.